VE7RSC 147.360MHz+ tone: 110.9Hz IRLP node 1736
Our Echolink node number for VE7RSC-VHF: 496228

223.960MHz- 1.6MHz tone: 110.9Hz IRLP node to follow

443.775MHz+ tone: 110.9Hz IRLP node 1737

Note: Our UHF repeater is no longer linked to the VHF unit

Repeater Manager: Sheldon Ward VA7XNL

List of Vancouver and Fraser Valley Repeaters (PDF)

IRLP Usage (basic)

For new IRLP users, please refer to the IRLP Operating Guidelines

The guidelines page explains how the system works, explains what reflectors are and how they work, and provides important instruction on how to use IRLP. All IRLP users should review the guidelines from time to time.

Our IRLP node number is 1736 and is accessible from both VHF and UHF repeaters.

OPEN an IRLP connection:

Hold PTT, say your CALLSIGN, and dial the node or reflector number via DTMF keypad. Release PTT once 4-digit dialing sequence is complete.

CLOSE an IRLP connection:

Hold PTT and dial "73" via DTMF mic. Release PTT.

Note: when disconnecting from a reflector, it is best not to identify before you dial "73." Wait until the link has dropped, then say your callsign so people locally here on the repeater know who disconnected the link. It can become annoying to those who monitor the reflector to hear your ID before you disconnect. A busy reflector will often have two of three nodes connect and disconnect per minute.

The IRLP network status page:
Use the status page to view nodes by country, see reflector usage, etc. Node lists can be printed for easy reference.

A second option for viewing reflector status and activity:

Echolink Usage (basic)

Our Echolink node number for VE7RSC-VHF: 496228

OPEN an Echolink connection:

Hold PTT, say your callsign, and dial the echolink node number preceded by an asterisk. Release PTT once dialing sequence is complete.
For example: PTT + *190638 will connect to echolink node number 190638. (VE7RHS repeater at UBC)

CLOSE an Echolink connection:

Hold PTT and dial "73" via DTMF mic. Release PTT.
Echolink status page:

For more echolink info:

Other repeater functions:

Signal check:

The repeater can make a short recording of your audio and play it back to you to assist you in testing your radio.

To initiate a signal check:

1.Hold PTT, dial "A3", release PTT
2.The repeater will respond "RX Check ready."
3.Hold PTT, provide some test audio, release PTT.
4.Once you release PTT, the repeater will respond by playing back your last transmission. Give it a try, it's a handy feature. Some of us use it several times a day.

To initiate on demand time of day announcement:

1.Hold PTT, dial "C", release PTT.
2.The repeater will respond "The time is, XX:XX am/pm."

Quick reference summary:

AAA leave a message
BBB check for messages
AAX plays message X
BBX deletes message X

A3 signal check
C clock
*69 Function: reads back the last inbound and outbound connections via IRLP along with times and node numbers